Great Australia bight right whale study

The Great Australian Bight is a calving ground and nursery for Right Whales. This short film captures epic displays of the whales and discusses conservation efforts of marine biology PhD student, Claire Charlton, who is monitoring population trends off the coast of South Australia.

The pulse of a coral reef

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the Traditional Owners of the Great Barrier Reef region, have lived in harmony with the land and sea for over 60,000 years. Yet in the last 30 years, the Great Barrier Reef has lost over 50% of its coral cover. By 2050, this could decrease to less than 5% percent.

How can we adapt our current management strategies to support a more harmonious and sustainable future with the Great Barrier Reef? In this film, we connect visual footage of animals and their sounds, using sound recordings as a way to determine the health of our changing Great Barrier Reef. This film will investigate the latest technological developments in reef management and determine how changes to our marine environments, such as ocean acidification, rising temperatures, increased shipping, storm events and invasive species could impact on communities that rely on the survival of the reef.