Coal Seam Gas: Keith’s Story

Keith shared his story about his Grandmother who was born near Bohena Creek, in the Pilliga forest (NSW). After learning he had never been to the area, I took him for a drive out there. We sat in the yellow sands of the creek bed under the Sun. Keith dug his hands into the sand and said he had never felt so close to his Grandmother. I soon realised Keith didn’t know that Santos had plans to pollute Bohena creek with CSG wastewater. After trying my best to deliver tragic news in a peaceful way, Keith sat under the shade of a tree, shattered. The emotion you see in Keith in this film is a result of the news he just heard.

Please sign the petition to clear NSW of the threat that coal seam gas brings to land, water and communities:ย


Uncle Bunna Lawrie, a Mirning elder and Whale Dreamer from the Nullarbor coast teaches us about ‘Mirrdinjar’ through words and song. “Mirrdinjar is about honouring respect for the ocean and Earth and thanking it for all it provides.” As BP developed their plans to drill for oil off the Nullarbor coast, Uncle Bunna Lawrie reminds us that the Earth, land and sea, are integrated and need to be looked after for all to survive.

Fortunately, BP have pulled out of the Great Australian Bight, only to leave other oil hungry giants in their place.