Stories Lived film festival Selection

Exciting! The trailer to our documentary, Beautiful Sunshine, has been officially selected in the Stories Lived film festival ‘Personal Mission’ category. Please click on the link below, watch our film, and if you’re feeling inspired – vote for our film by ‘liking’ it we can spread Allara’s story further.

Filming with Al Gore

Filming with Al Gore last night for the 10 year celebration of The Climate Reality Project followed by a premiere of An Inconvenient Sequel at ACMI. Thanks to Jesse Lee for additional camerawork.

Save Slacklining in Melbourne

Several years ago, councils started making it increasingly difficult for slackliners to practise in parks and recreational areas of Melbourne. People of all ages and abilities enjoy slacklining. This film highlights the social, physical and mental benefits of the sport as well as the ever-growing population of slackliners who want to keep doing what they love!

Geelong Environmental Film Festival 2016

The creative arts and ecology collide in the inaugural Geelong Environmental Film Festival on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th February

Part of this year’s Sustainable Living Festival, this thought provoking film festival features a collection of new and inspiring short, animated and feature films. Keynote speakers and panel guests will discuss environmental issues, storytelling, research and filmmaking tips. Feature films include the recently released ‘Ever the Land’, local film ‘Melbourne Downunder’ and Baykeepers, amongst many more. Trailers for the films are available online.

Keynote speakers include Tim Silverwood and Hannie Rayson, with a selection of panel experts including Trevor Almeida, Neil Blake, Stacey Chilcott, Sharee Marris from the arts, science research and filmmaking industries. 


Directly beneath the above news article, there is another geelong environmental film festival news article that has another link in it and no picture. Then when you click on it there is the vidamour farm film with no explanation about why. So maybe you could write: See Vidamour Farm and other films by Green Collar Productions on the big screen at the geelong environmental film festival, 2016! And before the link maybe write: get your tickets by clicking on the link below.